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Every Red-Blooded American Just Applauded What Jim Mattis Said About Illegal Aliens

Around 800,000 individuals are currently protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) implemented by Obama during his presidency. Now that President Trump is proposing to dismantle this program and put legal citizens first, many are beginning to question their own beliefs around what it means to be an American.

Jim Mattis has no blinders on when it comes to what constitutes being American and who has earned their place in our country; this largely includes our military men and women. He made the following statements on the matter and gained millions of pats on the back in doing so.

“I’m not an expert on DACA, I’m an expert on military. I’ll just tell you that someone who is on active duty, in the reserves—on active reserve or inactive reserve … they are not subject to deportation unless they’ve committed a felony or a federal judge has ordered them out for some reason.”

Currently there are less than 850 DACA recipients that fall under the category; which definitely brings to mind the weary argument of how lengthy the process is to gain access to our country when following the proper legal route. Perhaps taking up arms and defending our liberties is a much quicker route to enjoy those liberties?

Mattis continues to voice his support for our men and women donning the uniform,

“We would always stand by one of our people, and I have never found the Department of Homeland Security unwilling to take any call from anyone on my staff if we, in fact, found someone who had been treated unjustly.”

What better way to pledge allegiance to a country than to fight for and defend it? We are and remain to be shamelessly proud of the people protecting our freedom.

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