After Reporter Refuses to Listen, Trump Unleashes Hellfire and Leaves the Room Stunned

President Trump hosted South Korean President Moon Jae in today at the White House where the men discussed the upcoming summit involving North Korea’s Kim Jong un.

The historic summit is set to take place in June if all parties agree to it but President Trump refuses to be bullied by the dictatorial North Korean regime.

During a brief press conference, reporters asked President Trump and President Moon questions about the upcoming summit and what will be planned for the event.

Near the end of the meeting, Trump called on a reporter to ask a question on North Korea but the reporter ignored him and began asking about Rod Rosenstein instead.

“Do you have confidence in Rod Rosenstein?”

President Trump tried to be polite, telling the woman that she should ask her next question instead, but she rudely refused. This is where Trump will leave her embarrassed for being rude to the President of South Korea and himself.

“Excuse me. I have the President of South Korea here. He doesn’t want to hear these questions.”

The woman then immediately moved on to other more appropriate questions for President Moon.

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