After Reporter Calls Trump Secretive, Sarah Sanders Unleashes Media’s Worst Nightmare

Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a press briefing today to update America on what has been happening on Capitol Hill over the past few days.

The press secretary started off by highlighting what has been accomplished in President Trump’s 500 days in office, including the booming jobs report and unprecedented economic growth.

The reporters were not interested in hearing these positive things and immediately jumped to attack President Trump for his comments on the Mueller investigation and his believe on pardons.

After Sarah had successfully quieted them down by repeatedly telling them that she was not going to comment on an ongoing investigation, one reporter started really attacking Trump about his use of Twitter and accused him of never talking to the press unscripted.

The accusation that Trump never talks to the press freely is absurd. Sarah slammed him for his dishonesty.

“…In terms of Twitter, the President uses Twitter to communicate directly to the American people. Frankly, you have the ability to choose what you want to write about and you guys choose to write about things that the American people don’t care about day in and day out and that’s a decision that you make and frankly I think it’s the wrong one.”

These reporters prove their stupidity day after day of accusing one of the most open Presidents in history of not freely talking to the press.

They also prove that Trump tweeting directly to the American people is driving them crazy. They want to be able to mold the narrative as they please and Trump refuses to let them do that.

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