BREAKING: Miami Dolphins Fire 2 Kneeling Players Before Pre-Season Kickoff

Linebacker Horace D. Black and running back Manfred L. Brown were fired and escorted from the Miami Dolphins’ Stadium in Homassassa, Florida. Both players ignored the warnings of majority owner John Schnatter, who said it was “unpatriotic and unacceptable” for black people to not show gratitude that they’re allowed to make so much money:

“The least they can do is show some gratitude for the nation that gave them their opportunity. Right behind some white guys, black people are some of the highest paid athletes in football. They don’t need to throw that away for life of suspended licenses and jail sentences.”

Boy, that Schnatter. He always speaks his mind. Do you think he’s right? Do these players have the right to protest peacefully or should they be fired? These are questions we’ll all have to discussbefore the season starts this weekend.

As for the players, they were picked up by an arena team in Atlanta for $42K a year and a free room at the Red Roof Inn, which is pet-friendly. Their agents say it is unlikely they’ll ever play in the NFL again.

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