Pittsburgh Steelers Fine Player $1 Million For Kneeling During Anthem At Practice

NFL players disrespecting the flag, our country, its anthem, and God by kneeling during the national anthem in protest of our nation, has been a hot topic lately. Recently, the NFL announced it would be fining players for kneeling, linking arms, or raising their fists during the anthem.

This is a direct response to President Trump’s numerous admonishments aimed at the NFL for encouraging hatred of America by allowing black players who claim they are protesting police brutality to make a spectacle of the good, pure sport that is American football.

Most players have complied with the massive $1-million per offense fine implemented by the NFL. But Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Samwell Johnson thought it would be OK to protest as the anthem played at practice.

Johnson was fined $1 million Monday. A second offense will raise the fine to $1.5 million. A third will be termination. Since he is just starting out in his career, this was a particularly stupid move on Johnson’s part. His starting salary for the 2018-19 season is $971k — less than the amount of the fine.

This means he is playing for free this year as a sort of indentured servant.

Johnson is the first player this year to throw the rules away and kneel during the anthem — an action 73% of Americans oppose.

How many other people will be this stupid this year?

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