BREAKING: John McCain’s Traitorous Connection To The Clintons Exposed

John McCain’s wife, Samantha Halsey Terwilliger Rothschild McCain, comes from a long line of old money. Today, she found out that her husband had stolen a bunch of it and funneled it directly into the numbered Swedish Bank Account that funds the Deep State’s operations.

According to McCain’s personal secretary, Art Tubolls:

“Senator McCain was a Democrat plant all along. I’ve been with him since he came to Washington. I was sworn to be loyal to him when he betrothed his youngest granddaughter to me. Yes, I knew he was a Deep State operative. That doesn’t matter. He always did what he knew was right.”

Tubolls has been arrested and charged with accessory to treason. Samantha McCain says she had no idea, but she wants her family’s $40 billion back. she also said that she couldn’t hold a grudge, especially since he was dead.

McCain’s brain cancer, unfortunately, may have been a gift from the murderous Clintons, since he was so exposed to their secrets. They have a long history of having people killed in interesting ways to keep an air of reasonable doubt around them.

We’ll keep you updated on this unbelievably unbelievable story as it develops from pure fiction into something to watch for real.

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