Snowflake Florida Democrat Upset About ‘Monkey It Up’ Goes Berzerk-Arrested For Assault

Robert Gillium, the man who stole the Florida Democrat Goobernatorial primary with votes from illegals and the dead, went crazy when he heard someone may have referred to him as a “monkey.”

According to a local store owner who watched the episode go down:

“He was looking at his phone and drinking a malt liquor that, in case anyone cares, he never did pay for. He saw he was called a monkey and threw the damned bottle. It smashed and a piece lodged in my wife Millies left eye socket, just below her glass eye. Had she had a real eye, she’d be blind right now.”

Gillman, who won the race by less than 1/10th of one percent, is the first black man with a record of being investigated to hold office in Florida since the last black politician held office. His crimes include operating a city government with the intention of committing possible crimes and colluding with gangs to possibly offer them favors based on race.

All of the investigations, conducted by respectable Floridians fro more suburban areas, found that it wasn’t because Gillerd was black but because of how he embraced the thug culture that made him unworthy to be governor.

Now he faces felony charges for nearly blinding poor Millie Felterstank. Democrats will still vote for, as will illegals. Luckily, they don’t stand a chance in a state like Florida.

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