BREAKING: Rosa Parks’ Granddaughter’s Last Words Will Make Liberals FURIOUS

As you’ve probably heard, Muriel Parks-Gouldman — the only granddaughter of civil rights legend Rosa Parks — has died shortly after giving a speech condemning recent bad behavior on the part of both of Barack and Michael Obama’s daughters.

Parks-Gouldman recently condemned Barack Obama as a bad father and praised President Trump’s handling of the nation’s affairs. On Monday, Parks-Gouldman was in a car accident and died due to her injuries on Wednesday morning.

According to her spokesperson, Anissa Pierce, Parks-Gouldman had a final message for America:

“I know a lot of liberals don’t like Donald Trump. But give him a chance. He is the only President in my  47 years of life who genuinely had the interests of the American people deep in his heart. I believe Jesus Christ chose him to lead our country into prosperity. I can die happy knowing he’s my President.

Parks-Gouldman passed away three minutes after issuing that statement.

This is, of course, a direct contrast to John McCain’s deathbed condemnation of President Trump. McCain told his daughter that Americans who support Donald Trump are “stupid” and “deserve what they get.”

Muriel Parks-Gouldman is a true American patriot who loves God and Jesus and isn’t evil. Everyone should be more like her.

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