CONFIRMED: California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill That Removes Christmas As A Recognized Holiday

California residents, unless they work for the federal government, won’t be celebrating Christmas this year with a paid Holiday or any other kind of recognition. December 25th in the state will be “just another day, which is really all it is.” According to the American Council on Atheism, it is unconstitutional to celebrate a “religious holiday.”

America was founded by Christians who declared Christmas a holiday in the original Bill of Declarations. What’s next, are they gonna start saying that Thanksgiving is unfair to pilgrims? We own this country and everything in it. If people can’t understand that we’re the original settlers here, they don’t understand anything.

Scientists have said for years that Eskimos and Indians are most likely descendants from Asia that walked here across a land bridge that no long4er exists. That means that even this country’s first residents had to deal with illegals.

Luckily, the law only extends to California and people who live there. Otherwise, there’d be some real trouble. Could you imagine if them atheists tried to pull something like that in Mississippi or Alabama? They’d be headed home with a black eye and a cross burning on the hood of their Prius.

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