UPDATE: Election Officials Shut Down Polling Place For Attacking Trump

On Wednesday, Breitbart reported that a Detroit area polling location, the Jambi Paragon Lutheran Churchon Marietta Street in Detroit, Michigan had posted numerous hateful anti-Trump messages.

This polling location was scheduled to be shut down because of previous complaints about pushing partisan messages like this one. But Democrats rallied and “saved it,” citing the fact that it was the only polling location at which many area black folks could vote.

“Trump is Satan himself” and “Vote for Anyone But Trump,” the signs have read in recent days.

City Councilwoman Paula Reubens had argued that they could find transportation to nearby polling locations, but the largely liberal city counsel complained that many area residents do not own cars and that public transportation is “largely insufficient” to handle the people trying to vote.

But after seeing reports of the signs, the Election Integrity Commission stepped in and announced that Jambi Paragon would no longer be used as a polling location. Those who would normally go there are receiving letters informing them that they should go to one of seven alternative places between 2 and 7 miles away.

Area resident Lynne Marie Stewart applauded the move, saying that it makes it more difficult for her to vote, but she’s happy to see someone “stick it to the libs.”

“Liberals think they’re in charge and this helped show that they’re not,” Stewart says. She will be driving to Detroit’s West Side to vote — a 4 1/2 mile trip in each direction. “Voting is a privilege and I think it’s time these people learn that.”

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