Tucker Carlson: ‘Gypsy Apocalypse’ As Gypsies Form Settlement In Rural Montana

Tucker Carlson has long warned us of the gypsy apocalypse coming to America. Last year, Tucker informed us that gypsies were “having trouble assimilating” in a Pennsylvania, where hordes of them were pooping in public places. They s “have little regard either for the law or public decency,” Carlson said at the time.

“The group that is satisfied in California, Pennsylvania doesn’t seem interested at all in integrating, so why don’t Americans have a right to be upset about that?” Carlson said.

“That seems to me to be a hostile act,” Carlson said. “These are countries that have indoor plumbing, there are options. When you do that, you say ‘We reject you and your morays.’”

Tucker Carlson: Gypsy Apocalypse Now Coming To Montana

Liberals mocked Carlson’s warnings last year. But Carlson, as always, turned out to be right. The same group of gypsies, complaining of persecution, packed up and moved to rural Montana where Carlson pointed out Saturday, they “are also having trouble fitting in.”

“Not only are the pooping in the streets, but they are now beheading and gutting live chickens and cooking them for dinner,” Carlson told viewers. “According to reports, they were seen burning Bibles to show their disdain for Christianity.”

“In addition, the gypsy apocalypse is growing,” Carlson said. “According to estimates from the WTO and the WOO, there are now 45,000 gypsies currently in or moving to Beulah, Montana.”

Carlson warns that these gypsies are seeking to form their own nation-state within our borders and have it formally recognized by the U.S. government.

“‘The gypsies are coming’ might sound crazy, but it’s true,” Carlson says. “Gypsies are responsible for so many tragedies and have caused me so much personal pain that I can’t stand by and not warn the American people.”

“It’s time we take this gypsy threat seriously,” he added before signing off for the night.

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