BREAKING: ‘Hanoi Songbird’ John McCain Was Responsible For 17,339 Deaths

Now that John McCain is dead, his military records are public record. Liberal “fact-checking” organization Snopes decided to use this opportunity to prove conservatives wrong about claims that John McCain gave up secrets to the enemy when he was a “prisoner” in Vietnam. Unfortunately, they screwed up big time when reality didn’t fit their bias.

The report, which was live on Snopes’ website for a total of 8 minutes before part-owner Dave Macleod took it down, was written by “reporter” Beth Palmer. The report says that McCain gave up “a total of 191 national secrets” and that he was “well-treated” while he was held captive after crashing a helicopter (and killing 9 of his fellow soldiers).

The report says that the information McCain gave to the enemy included “battle plans, secret bases, and troop movements.”

“The Viet Cong used the information to surprise and kill 17,339 soldiers,” the report said.

It’s unclear why the report was removed, but it should be noted that notorious global terrorist George Soros is a major investor in the Snopes website.

Snopes is well-known for distorting stories to fit their narrative and ignoring necessary information even if someone provides them with evidence they are wrong.

Liberals like to say John McCain was a hero, but the fact is that he was a traitor who gave away our national secrets in exchange for easy treatment when he was a “prisoner” of war.

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